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Great cities are driven to improve. They build swagger.   

A proposed City of Fort Wayne ordinance will generate funding to repair sidewalks, maintain alleyways and develop a vibrant riverfront. Get involved! Let City Council know why these issues matter to you, and ask them to
Vote YES on this ordinance.

what can you do?

Fort Wayne Citizens Square

what can you do?

Call and email City Council to tell them “I support sidewalks, alleyways, and the Riverfront.” Remember, you are represented by your own district representative as well as three at-large representatives, so it’s best to email those four.   

Attend the vote on July 11th at 5:30 p.m. at Citizens Square, 200 E. Berry St. to voice your support. 

Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to join you in supporting these improvements. You can get started by posting support on social media or emailing this website link to your friends.

Michael Barranda, At-Large
Dr. John Crawford, At-Large
Tom Freistroffer, At-Large
Paul Ensley, District 1
Russ Jehl, District 2
Tom Didier, District 3
Geoff Paddock, District 5
Glynn Hines, District 6

attend the meeting

It's important to have your voice heard! Let us know you'll be there.

July 11th Meeting

the issues

Broken Sidewalk

the issues

Sidewalks: Safe Routes to School

What's the proposal?
Investing $40 million over the next 10-15 years to improve sidewalks and alleyways. If Council votes YES to the ordinance, improvements will begin in 2018.

Why is this important?
Due to funding cuts, Fort Wayne Community Schools was forced to eliminate bus transportation for about 7,000 kids. The City has identified 24 elementary schools with neighborhood-to-school sidewalk connectivity needs.

Improved sidewalks mean increased independence and options for seniors.

Swagger effect
Great cities promote wellness and connectivity for everyone.
Destroyed Alleyway

Alleyways: Safety and Neighborhood Investment

What’s the proposal?
Investing $40 million over the next 10-15 years to improve sidewalks and alleyways. If Council votes YES to the ordinance, improvements will begin in 2018.

Why is this important?
Nearly 1 in 4 residential properties in the City of Fort Wayne are built next to alleyways. Repairs will improve residents’ quality of life and home values. This ordinance creates, for the first time, a dedicated revenue stream for alleyway maintenance.

Swagger effect
Great cities are safe and clean. Well maintained places are more likely to be safe places free of crime.  

Fort Wayne Riverfront Rendering

Riverfront: A Vibrant Community Landmark

What’s the proposal?
Our community is embracing our rivers as a signature Fort Wayne landmark. Beginning in 2018, $4 million will be invested in riverbank stabilization. Additional Phases II and III will develop public spaces between the Wells St. and Ewing St. bridges, and between the Ewing St. and Van Buren St. bridges.

Renderings can be viewed here.

Why is this important?
A thriving Riverfront will increase our community’s ability to attract and retain people and companies. This helps grow jobs and wages for everyone.

Swagger effect
Great cities provide vibrant settings for community togetherness, play, and celebration.



Why not just find the funding elsewhere through cuts and efficiencies?

As we compete against other cities for jobs and talent, we can be proud that our local government is highly efficient. However, government funding has been cut to the bone. This leaves our community ill-prepared to handle basic challenges—like extra snow removal during bad winters—let alone invest in community improvements. If we want our community to thrive, we need to invest in ourselves.   

County Income Tax Rate Graphic

Current revenues are insufficient for basic infrastructure maintenance and investment in capital projects.

The proposed ordinance will increase Allen County’s Local Income Tax Rate by 0.15 percent, generating $13.5 million per year in Allen County—of which $9.3 million will be generated in the City of Fort Wayne. Social Security income is not taxed.

Even with this increase, Allen County’s tax rate will be among the lowest in our area. This proposal maintains Allen County’s low-tax climate while generating the resources needed to maintain and improve our community for all residents.   

additional info

City Council Information

City Council agenda and meeting materials, including the ordinance text.

Visit Website

Alleyway and Sidewalk Maps

City Sidewalk and Alleyway improvement maps, by school district and neighborhood.

View Map

PowerPoint Presentation

Councilman Crawford’s presentation with specifics about the ordinance.

View Presentation